Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do You Have Something To Sell?

My blog is now getting just under 200 unique hits a day so it's nice to see some traffic. I have seen other blogs that will list your cool motorcycle related stuff that you want to sell and would like to offer the same to my "Registered Followers" ONLY. So if you have something for sale and would like to list it on here go to my profile and email me with a link to a pic or two, price, description, blogger ID, location and an email you would like me to use in the listing for interested people to contact you. I am going to pick one a week or so depending on how many I get as I don't want to not clog the blog with them and it will also help to keep them on the front page for you too. And the cost to you NOTHING, NADA, FREE all for just following my blog, what a deal!

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