Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1 Down 1 To Go

Well my wife's new/old Honda Accord passed inspection yesterday so that leaves the Durango. I have to fix some rust holes on the rocker panel and I have decided to undercoat the lower body panels instead of matching paint this time. I guess this will be my weekend project to get it ready as it needs inspection in November. And just so you all know, I HATE body work, so these past few weeks not working on bikes have been bad enough but to have to do something I don't like makes it even worse. The upside is when this is over I should be clear from vehicle work for a while.


  1. yep,bodywork on vehicles sux! But on bikes it's all GOOD!

  2. I don't mind doing anything on bikes at all for sure. but guess what, more good news, her Accord has a vibration while in drive when you have the brakes on, now I get to do a rear motor mount too. YIIIPEEE Not expensive but more auto work not bike FUN.