Sunday, June 23, 2013

Next Side Same As The Last

Started the drivers side of the F250
Tools of the trade. Grinder with a cutting wheel, hammer and crowbar.

Cut out the replacement floor and the original one too.

Trim and drop in the new pan. I have the gas for the welder so I will start welding them in tomorrow night after work.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Field Trip Day

Went to the Museum in Manchester to see the mechanical dinosaur show with my son and about 70 of his second grade buddies. Very loud bunch but they were a lot of fun. Here is a couple of pics of him being eaten and run through by some of the non-mechanical ones.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

F350 Floors Started

Started the passengers side floors. This pic is the floors the PO put in it. They were just flat metal welded in and were rusting out.

Cut out the "new" floor and look... there's the old floor they didn't bother cutting out.

So I did it right and cut it out... didn't understand why you would have left them in if they were crap but whatever.

Pic of my little (not so much anymore) helper.

The "correct" floors thanks to NPD. Had to trim about 1/2" off the forward side because it was hitting the ducting and that was it. Perfect fit no complaints at all. I will do some welding today if I have enough gas for the MIG. If not I will cut out the drivers side and wait till I get some cash on Friday.