Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About Friggin' Time !!!!!

The 1991 Honda Accord is DONE! After searching the interweb all day yesterday and finding about 10 pages of suggestions we got it. My wife drove it to work yesterday and said she would be by my work to swap with my truck (we work around the corner from each other) because it was running horrible with no power. I was baffled because it was rattling a little on my test drive the night before but nothing bad.
I started it up when I left work and WTF it ran like dogshit! When it got to 50mph it ran good but no power getting going. One of the suggestions was a bad valve cover gasket that allowed oil into the plug reservoir. I checked and sure enough 3 of 4 had oil in them. $34 later and a set of plugs too, went to start it and it was better but still hesitating. I was inside the car revving the motor and my buddy Steve was looking under the hood when he said shut it down. I did and he pointed to the plug wire that had popped off the distributor cap.........Whoops.
When we hooked that up it ran better (obviously) but still had a shake while you were stopped foot on brake and car in drive. We then upped the RPM's another 100 and BAM! no rattle, runs smooth, bout damn time. It even passed the wife's driving test. Whew! And I am still only $575 into it all together and clean trade in is $1175 so I didn't do bad.
That means I get to do rust repair on the Durango now Yaaayy.