Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hate Working On Exhaust Systems

I spent 4+ hours yesterday working on my wife's Accord we got with my buddy Steve. The muffler was broke off at the collector (?) after the catalytic converter. I got a reducer to put into the collector I was going to weld in so I could then go to pipe. While under cleaning it to weld it broke at the converter. So basically we fixed the exhaust from the converter back. Having it break off did make welding easier and it broke off because the guy I bought it from welded the pipe to the converter and did the shittiest job I have ever seen and believe me I have done some shitty jobs. And oh yeah the hanger was broken off in front of the converter and had ripped the pipe apart there too so I welded a patch on the pipe and then rewelded the hanger to my patch. But the total cost for the job was about $45 so it makes it worth while. Boy was that fun huh Steve.

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