Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shit Started Rolling In

So Tuesday night I got home to find the 2 new tires for the minibike waiting for me and last night I got the chain. Of course my son was telling me to put them on right away so I did. As I was trying to pry the old tire off the front rim I looked down and said "shit they are split rims". So I got my socket set took them apart, repainted the rim and put the new tire on. It was done alot easier than I thought thanks to the old style rims. My 5 year old always wants to be around with me in the garage and is willing to help with anything, but this is "his" bike so he was taking the wrenches out of my hands so he could do it, so I let him.
Here he is wrenching on his minibike.

And here he is practicing his surfing on the roller with new tires.

And of course after the chain went on we tried to start it and now it won't run without pushing the prime button so I will be figuring that out tonight, MAN we all wanted to take it up the street.

Trying to start it.

After it didn't start the "brain trust" (A.K.A Mike,Ande and me)trying to figure out what the problem is. HAHAHA BTW thanks for the help guys.


  1. No problemo. Like I said, it's not NEARLY as frustrating when it'snot my bike. Even though mine STILL wasn't running, hahahahaha.