Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motorcycles Waiting For Their Turn

I have a couple of other bikes laying around waiting for their turn to be chopped, hacked, beat on, customized. The first one is a 70's Kawasaki KZ440 I got it for free off a friend. The engine is seized and the carbs are missing. When NHMike gave my wife the 1969 CB750 for her chop, I gave him this because he said he always thought about a cafe style, boy did he lose out on that deal huh.

I also have a '74 Kawasaki KE175 I picked up for $75 about a year ago. I had the same style bike as a 15y.o. though it was a '73. I have always missed it and have been looking for one to work on. This one has no compression so it will have to be torn down.

At one point for a couple of years it was an ice racer so I think I want to paint a bike going into the corner on the ice on the sides of the tanks with some slogan kind of like this. And I will keep this stock or stockish.

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