Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Working On Shit

This weekend I did as most do that I know, worked on motors and vehicles. First was the exhaust AGAIN on my wife's Honda Accord along with front brakes and tires. Then it was the engine swap on the boat and getting it going as seen on the previous post. Then I moved to cleaning the carb on my son's go kart so he can ride it around. This is one of the carb in the gas tanks but it was an older version... man what a pain in the ass. You couldn't get to the bolts and even if I could they were star bolts so I would need one foot long star set. I took it off cleaned it, it was nasty, the filter was plugged, put it back together and guess what, I missed one of the linkage pieces that go from the carb to the gas pedal line. Which is located under the gas tank and runs through very small crack between the tank and the engine so off it all comes again... damn that was fun. All that and you know what really pisses me off is I can't fit between the set and steering wheel so I don't even get to rip on it. I am going to have to adjust it next year because my 7 year old is almost too big for it too.

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