Friday, September 21, 2012

Tire Changer

Bought this at Tractor Supply yesterday. It works great Wally World wanted about $30 a tire to take tires off one set of rims and put on another then extra for balancing. This cost just under $55 I had 4 tires off rims in under 10 minutes and then took the rear off and replaced with good rubber in under 15 minutes. I still have the fronts to do but damn this thing is fun and it will do motorcycle tires too. Now it will be just balancing for $7 each.

Hard to make out but I drilled and set 2 lags in the concrete could do 4 but 2 was plenty.

The arm on the left under the tire is the bead breaker works sweet. Then put the tire up and use the bar rotating around clockwise and the tire falls off.

This literally took 2 minutes from breaking the bead to tire on the floor. Putting the new one on took a little longer and will take some getting used to but was under 5 minutes.

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