Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Nephew's $150 Bike

So he came to me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would help find him his 1st bike. I asked what style he wanted and of course he said what any 18 YO would, " I want a Ninja". After me telling him there is no friggin' way he was getting that as his 1st bike, not to mention he only had about $200 to spend and can't get one for under $800, he agreed to whatever I could find. I posted a wanted on Craigslist for a bike and I had $100-150 to spend. Seven people offered me bikes from on-off road to this little gem we bought. It's a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 550 and has been in a garage for the last 15 years. The guy said they stopped riding when they had kids.
Got it to the garage cleaned the carbs, gas tank and plugs. Poured gas in it, stole a battery from another bike and changed the oil. Hit it with starting fluid and BAM it's a runner. Well not quite it still needs a clutch lever and front caliper. But here it is, the seat is off but in great condition, not bad for $150.

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