Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Helmet Fetish

I have always had a thing for old 3/4 style helmets, kinda weird seeing as how I hate to wear them and live in a "free" state so I don't unless I cross the border to go to a strip club. Thanks to Craigslist I am able to find them pretty cheap or free. My wife and myself have been practicing relining them and either waxing or painting them. This one was done for a guy on TCU who wanted one of my helmets, a Speedway 3/4 dated 1969. The interior was N-ass-ty, we gutted and relined it with a nice cotton fabric then cleaned buffed and waxed the top, it was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

This is one I did just to do, it's hanging in the rafters right now and too small for my big melon. I sprayed it flat black, laced it and a racing stripe down the center, and of course my wife and me relined it.

And lastly for today anyway as I have about 10 more helmets to be done. Here is my personal one. I had Hell Mutt's do the relining (Billy and Rachel are awesome to work with) and Nate from Ardcore Choppers did the pinstriping (great job thanks Nate). I picked the helmet up as NOS of Ebay with the liner falling out of it for $50, so I have $185 total with shipping into it not bad for a custom helmet.