Monday, November 25, 2013

So This Is Where I Am Heading...

With the three wheeler bike. I got my hands on a 20" bicycle for a cheap price of $15 on CL. The old front end was 16" so this lifted it a bit. We were watching a show on extreme sports and they were showing off road skateboarding where they replaced the regular wheels with bigger ones that will handle rocks and things. I talked with my son and told him if we did the same he could use the bike everywhere instead of just the pavement and he liked the idea. I will probably get some pneumatic wheels but put the lawn mower ones on for looks. Plus the new front end looks killer with the shocks and bigger tire. But the best is for last..... we got a weed whacker for free yesterday and all I can see is the motor mounted under that crossbar....... oh this is going to be badass.

If you could read his mind...  "Come on Dad is it done YET!"

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