Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bike For My Son

OK so here is what I have... A bike/skateboard/scooter. My son dragged this out of the river by our house and wants to fix it. It has a cool set of Z bars and a 16" front wheel. It goes into a wish bone with two flat areas for your feet. Under them are about 2" wide skateboard wheels. We have already broke it down, I put it back a little for the pic. I am going to strip the rust, find a kids 16" bike for the forks and front tire and have already gone to Salvation Army for a set of inline skates for the rear wheels. Got CCM skates for $2.50... that's 8 wheels I am going to double them up for stability. The other 4 are going to be used as chain tensioners and such on bikes. Anyway the only thing readable is the name Pacific. I researched and can find no other Pacific bike that looks remotely like this... anybody  have any idea when this came out or what it's called?

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