Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welding Floors In

I was going to start yesterday but it was 99 degrees and no breeze. Today was only 93 (Hahaha) but there was a small breeze. I welded in both floors now I need to get some fiberglass bondo to level and seal it then undercoat. After will be insulation, carpet, put the interior in and new windshield. Then drive the shit out of it. It will need other minor things but they will be fixed while I drive it.

When welding it's important to first make sure you have all your PPE on... Shorts... check.... Sandals... check. BTW I did burn the shit out of my feet but I didn't sweat as much as I would have with boots and pants on.

Some tack welding... turned out pretty good considering I did it.

The one "tool" I did have at the ready and the only unitasker I have in the garage.

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