Saturday, March 2, 2013

They ALL Suck!!!

From the top right on down our supposed leadership, and I use that phrase loosely, SUCK!! I am hate bringing politics into my blog but I am one of many that will have money taken out of my pocket because these ASSHOLES can agree to meet in the fucking middle. They are so fucked up their they know it and so do their wifes. Here's some quotes.

Senator Carper of Delaware said his wife, "my most important constituent," asked him, "Why can't you guys get your act together? Do you know what people think of you guys?"

They have not worked together in Washington. And so the across-the-board cuts of the so-called "sequester" - which both Republicans and Democrats have said they oppose.
(If they Oppose it why pass it?!?!?)

"They want to kill us all," Senator Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, said of his constituents.

Pryor said he tells them, "Nobody has clean hands on this."
(Sure someone does, how about everyone that is affected by this you useless POS)

Rant Over!

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