Friday, August 20, 2010

Man I Gotta Get That Shed Built Quick

I am in the starting process of building a 12X12 shed to house some of my shit. I will have the floor and studded walls up this weekend or I am not coming in Sunday until it's done. Of course all my "buddies" bagged out on me and shall remain nameless (Marcel,Rick HAHAHAHA) but F it, it's only a shed I can do it myself. It will have a 36" metal door and a 4' wide garage door and that's it NO windows because I don't want anyone to see what's in there. It will be for storage not work and I will run power out for a couple of plugs for trickle chargers and lights. As you can see I have a space problem, my little 12x25 garage has a mini bike, '73 Sporty, '81 XS400, '99 Vstar 650, Yerfdog Go Kart and the motorcycle table has my wife's CB750 frame and engine. It's gotten so bad that my Sporty is in my wife's quilt shop and 3 other bikes are out in the weather. Damn I need to get out of work and get going on it. Here's a pic of the garage, just don't try to get to the toolboxes. HAHAHAHA

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