Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The XS 400 Is a Runner

The middle of last week Mike and myself redid all the wiring and cut out quite a bit of excess, hooked up the blinks, tail and head light. Then the wiring started smoking...HAHAHAHA Oh well. So we started the bike just to hear it run, man the new exhaust sounds sweet and will only sound better when I fix the slight leak at the head. I went out on Saturday and fixed the wiring problem (all on the side Mike did, HAHA) got all the lights going and started it again just to hear it and to make the garage stink from the pipe wrap smoking,MMMMMmmmmmm good. This week/weekend I will get a gasket for the exhaust and then I will have to start figuring out why it's not charging the battery, or I should say it wasn't last year. But while we were doing the wiring we found some questionable connections so hopefully that fixed it and there won't be any issues. Here is a pic of it just to remind you what it looks like and once I get batteries in my camera I will have some new one and a video of it running.

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