Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Visors For The Ford F250

OK so I had the original visors in the truck. The problem is the drivers side one, the card inside was broken and was hanging like a limp dick. They want $120 just for the visor with no arm. I had a friend that had a pair off her Bronco that I will still be getting in case I change my mind about what I did. I was having a beer looking through my rat rod mag and I had me an idear.

Pic of the passenger side one that was good but needed to match the drivers so I did both.

Pic of broken drivers side card which was used as a template on....

A stop sign I had laying around. I cut the template out and ground down the edges. Then I riveted them to the arm that the old card was stapled to.

Kind of... well not kind of it really is a shitty pic of the back side which I painted metallic blue that matches the rest of the metal in the truck.

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