Saturday, May 4, 2013

F250 Passengers Side Cab Mount

Had to replace the cab mount and rubber on the 1976 F250 I just got a couple months ago. I bought the parts from NPD and they were great to deal with. They sent the parts right out, fast email with tracking and were here when quoted. The cab mount was HUGE, I had to cut lots off it but that just gave me enough extra metal to fix all the smaller holes i had without buying more steel. The cab mount rubbers are all 6 so I will be replacing the others later.

Yippee I love parts boxes.

The mount was friggin' huge.

Just a little rusted out. And this is after I jacked the cab up to get to the bolt.

Looks brandy new, the weld looks like shit but I was almost out of gas and it was spattering so just ignore it. Hahaha

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