Friday, April 26, 2013

Fixin' Rust

I hate working on cars as you all know and I hate doing body work most of all so guess what I got to do on my Friday off... Yup do body work on a car. My wife's car flunked inspection because of rust in the strut towers. We just got the car and I never looked there or never would have thought to but from now on I will. Anyway I welded the new piece of metal, over my head as I sat on the ground. As I was welding I smelt something burning, I lifted my mask and noticed my crotch was smoking, and not the good kind of smoking... if there is a good kind. After putting out the fire in my pants I laid some Bondo to keep moisture out and sprayed a bed liner coating over the whole thing.

Close call!

Metal in and welded.

Bondo around the edges.

Paint.. Better than new.

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