Sunday, July 15, 2012

Classic Fiberglass Boat 1964 Starcraft Runabout

So I bought this boat 3 years ago got it running but discovered the water pump wasn't pumping so I shut it down. It was early November so I put it away at my Grams and would fix it "Next Year" well as I said it's been 3. My 7 year old wants it done to go fishing so I brought it home to finish it. It's a 1964 Starcraft Ranger I believe with a 1964 Evinrude 28hp and a Holsclaw original trailer.

First pressure wash, enlist child labor when possible.

Next drop the lower end of the motor to get to the water pump.

Very easy to see why the water pump isn't pumping when you look at the impeller and the arms are supposed to be bent the same way but not this one. So I ordered the part, a whopping $14 off Egay.

While waiting for the part I stripped out the interior, with the exception of the front bench, it gives me a place to make Vrrroomm Vrrroomm noises and have a beer till the parts come in.

I will be carpeting the floor and adding 4 folding seats instead of the bench for ease of getting around the boat to fish plus our Golden Retriever will have some room to lay down. I also have to rewire the lights and get some new rubber on the rims, I think they are original too. And I will let it go fo this year but before next I want new steering and throttle cables. I will update as progress is made.


  1. If you need any help let me know. I won't be back till next week but I am always ready to help.

  2. Help with the boat or emptying beer cans? HAHAHA