Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clean Garage. ...... (kinda)

Well with Onespeeds bike, bench and tool box out I have a little more space, till I pack it back in again. HAHAHAHA I should have taken some pics of the mess he left when he moved out, trash everywhere, oil all over the floor where that Ironhead was parked, misc. parts all over, actually I didn't mind that last part. Gonna miss that Iron lump in the corner of my garage though. HAHAHAHA Here's some pics of the room before I find some shit to stack there.


  1. It's too bad J's Bicycle is the only thing that gets ridden in there!!! BAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! Hell, I think I've ridden my bike more than you've ridden yours this year!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

  2. Just noticed that box in the corner on the bottom pic, is that my crap? Hahahahahaha

  3. Crap is right, next time you move out take all your shit would you! HAHAHAHA