Monday, July 11, 2011

RIP's Run

Well the run was this past Saturday and I wanted to thank everyone that showed up for the perfect ride to Conway on Rt. 153, over the Kanc, to Merideth on Rt 175 and back to the Hawg's Pen on Rt. 11 in Farmington. Thanks to the Infamous Hawgs Pen for the breakfast and great band he had going for us too. And here's some pics for the slackers who sat on their sofas instead of going on a nice ride so you can see what you missed on our 160 mile trip.

Typical road sign.
Couple ride pics.
Top of the Kanc.
And lastly some doucher wanna be biker followed us for the whole ride flipping me off. HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding Mike someday you will beat that Ironhead into submission.

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