Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Greasebag Is Back!!!

From Grail's site .

Oh it’s on like donkey kong.
Greasebag. 2011. We’re motherfucking back.
Mark your calenders and start cranking on your garage projects so they’re ready in time. The full info will be coming out in a week or two, but here is the general downlow:
The greasebag is now going to be a 2-day, Sat-Sun event.Saturday: Ride New England backroads from MA to NH. Camp. Drink. Terrorize the locals. Pass out.
Sunday: Ride to Acme Choppers in Laconia for the bike show and party. Eat, drink, get stupid.
The greasebag is no longer during bike week.
Yeah, we’re done with that shit. The last weekend in July will be the new date for the greasebag moving forward. Better weather, less douchery. Win-win for us. No traffic, no overpriced everything. Plenty of killer roads to ride and less bro-dudes to deal with.
Admission is still free. We’re hoping to do a few new things for the people this year, but it’s too early to talk about.
We need sponsors, so if you’re interested, please get in touch (

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