Monday, January 10, 2011

Customers Stocker

Had a guy call me and said he just bought a 1983 Honda Shadow 750 for $300. Was wondering if I could go through it and get it running. He dropped it off on Saturday and after I finished getting a snow thrower carb cleaned for another person I went to town on the Honda. Emptied the varnish that used to be gasoline from the tank, poured some BB's in after it dried to get the hard shit out and ran new fuel lines, cleaned the plugs, cleaned the carbs (new bowl gaskets) and checked the oil which looked nice and clean.Tried to charge the battery but it has a dead cell so I jumped it and Vrroomm she started right up. His bars were kinda screwed up as the bike has been dropped at one or more points in it's life but I had a nice set hanging on the wall that matched exactly (yeah they were probably your's Mike, HAHAHA). So I sold him them and will install this week for him to pickup on Saturday.


  1. Those 7/8's ones or the 1" Apes? I don't give a shit either way, just curious.

  2. Hell, I don't remember what they were...the ones with the weird braces across the front?? Those were cool but pretty much completely useless, hahahaha.