Monday, September 27, 2010

Keene Swap Meet Sunday

Went to the swap yesterday, yes that's right I went 1 1/2 days after getting out of heart surgery, can't miss a chance to find good stuff. Here's some pics.
Can you read the price on this Harley? hardtail frame, yup $100 wish I had more money.
Really liked this bike and right back at ya Mike! Nice Harley Shovelhead chopper. I will be putting more pics of this one up later.
This brings a tear to my eye. They wanted $700 and would deliver for free. It was all Jap bikes, Saw a CB750 and other Hondas along with a Suzuki  a Yamaha and a couple Kawasaki KZ750's.
The one Mike wanted. Nice old Harley Servi-Car
Couple of Indian Motorcycles for sale one all original and one all restored.
These were the finds for the day Ande got the Honda tank, clubman bars and CB750 manual, Mike got the fender and bearing race (for $1) and I got the Suzuki tank and gauntlet gloves for my wife. The gloves were $35 a pair but were in a clearance box for $1 each. When I got home I jimmied the cap off the tank and it's like brand new not a bit of rust in it.
There were a ton of great Flatheads, Panheads, Knuckleheads, Shovelheads, Ironheads, Triumphs, Japs and parts and I will be using some of the pics on my Inspiration posts in the future.


  1. Ah ha! So you guys are the ones that bought those clubmans! I went back looking for them, but they were gone haha.

  2. HAHAHA yup Ande wanted them for his CB750. Good to finally meet someone of CC, other than the two wing nuts I was with.